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Recycle Pieces Of Paper and Cardboard Technology

Recycled paper and cardboard we meet every day, from newspapers and magazines to kitchen paper and packaging like television, air conditioner or refrigerator cardboard.

Recycle Pieces Of Paper

What technology use to recycle paper and cardboard? 

First, paper and cardboard are sorted according to quality. Everything that is not paper or paperboard is also removed. Depending on the condition, different applications are possible, such as packaging boxes or magazines.

The paper is then mixed with water with technology for more efficient. This creates a grey mash that we call pulp. Lacquer, non-varnish, glue, plastic and rope are removed from the flesh. Finally, the pulp is pressed and dried, and it is ready for further processing.

Reused paper and cardboard come to you consistently. Daily papers and magazines are imprinted on reused paper. Also, writing blocks, scriptures, drawing paper or print paper are often recycled. And finally, also contain paper towels, toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs usually reused paper. Recycled cardboard can be found in packaging cardboard and cardboard boxes-everything to store, send or protect things.

Old paper and cardboard is merely new paper or cardboard. But their life is not infinite, because every operation decreases the quality of the material. After five to seven reuses the material is used up. Therefore, new paper fibers are added.

Why recycle paper and cardboard?

Paper and cardboard recycling requires less energy than the production of new paper and cardboard. A lot of recycling companies also make efforts to reuse the water needed during production. By recycling paper and cardboard we put materials in a more sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions.

What does, what not?

Household foil, wallpaper, dirt, and grease paper: they do not belong to paper and cardboard. After all, they contain components that are not good for the recycling process, such as cellophane and glue. Aluminum, plastic, and Styrofoam also do not belong to the paper and cardboard for the same reason. Tie your paper and cardboard together with an original string. You can also offer it in a cardboard box.


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