Meowy Christmas!

cat in Santa hat

Photo by: Bob Garas, Clermont, Florida

Weekly Winner, Week 13
Daily Winner, December 12

Posted on Dec 12, 06 09:15 PM | Comments (46)

We cloned ourselves--now we're waiting for the mothership to beam us up.

four dogs on beach
Skippy and Logan (front row), Sutton and Roman (back row)

Photo by: Chandra Pivo, Inglewood, California

Says Chandra, "These four have so much fun together--but who's who?" Roman, who can take a bow, has helped his owner Chandra who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Chandra trained Roman from a pup to help her with walking through crowds of people, up and down stairs, picking things up, and much more. Roman and Chandra also visit retirement centers and schools to give demonstrations on the importance of Service Dogs as well as giving everyone an amazing show when he performs all of his tricks.

Weekly Winner, Week 12
Daily Winner, December 6

Posted on Dec 6, 06 05:46 PM | Comments (38)

FEEL the FURY that is FURBALL!!!


Photo by: Daisy Wohlford, Salinas, California

Weekly Winner, Week 11
Daily Winner, November 29

Posted on Nov 29, 06 06:39 PM | Comments (26)

You Write the Caption!

Mr. Gizmo

Photo by: Carolyn Tracy, Sterling, Virginia

Once again, we've found that the readers provide the best captions for our photos! Add your caption for Mr. Gizmo here by clicking on the "Comments" section below.

Carolyn says, "Mr. Gizmo is a 2-year-old Imperial Shih Tzu. [Here he is] ready for bed. Mr. Gizmo is such a sweet, well behaved little guy. He rarely ever barks."

Weekly Winner, Week 10
Daily Winner, November 17

Posted on Nov 17, 06 06:02 PM | Comments (245)

You Write the Caption!

pot bellied pig

Photo by: Sue Carper, Coulters, Pennsylvania

Meet Harley, smiling for the camera--"he's such a 'ham'!" says Sue. (Insert rimshot here.)

You all sent such funny suggestions for captions last week, we thought we'd try it again. So go ahead--give it your best shot in the "Comments" section below!

Weekly Winner, Week 9
Daily Winner, November 10

Posted on Nov 10, 06 05:02 PM | Comments (219)

You Write the Caption!

cat watching a frog
Rosie (and unnamed amphibian friend)

Photo by: Jeff Atchley, Collierville, Tennessee

We have fun writing the captions for these photos, but thought we'd let you have a try for this one! Share your ideas in our comments section below.

Weekly Winner, Week 8
Daily Winner, November 3

Posted on Nov 3, 06 05:02 PM | Comments (538)

Meow-loween frights

black cat

Photo by: Nikki Allenberg, Sarver, Pennsylvania

Says Nikki, "This is my cat Bud. He's a black domestic medium hair and he's about 6 months old. In this picture, he's doing his version of a scary Halloween cat!

Weekly Winner, Week 7
Week 7 Daily Winner, October 31

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all our PET PALS! Tonight, may your bowls be full of candy and may your owners not humiliate you in some stupid costume AGAIN! (But if they do, be sure and send us the picture!)

Posted on Oct 31, 06 04:44 PM | Comments (32)

Trust me, if we smush our snouts close together like this, we'll get treats!

boston terrier puppies
Benjie and Lucky

Photo by: Regina Galvin, Windham, New Hampshire

Regina writes, "I adopted a Boston Terrier in May. A month after we had her, to our surprise, she gave birth to two puppies. They were full bred Boston Terriers also, as we knew who the male dog was. This is a picture of the pups. They were six weeks old at the time. Their names are Benjie and Lucky, a male and female."

Weekly Winner, Week 6
Week 6 Daily Winner, October 23

Posted on Oct 23, 06 06:53 PM | Comments (28)

That warm water feels gooood. Hey - wait a minute!

three kittens in a sink
Mouse, Ziggy and Sophie

Photo by: Robin Wilson, Hawley, Pennsylvania

WHEN RACCOONS ATTACK! "Saint Robin" went to great lengths to rescues these sisters, now five months. Says Robin, "Their mom was rescued as she was giving birth to them and their two brothers, Jack and CB, from raccoons who were circling her. We brought her in, she had the kittens, and they have been in the house ever since. Mom has been spayed, judged healthy and has adapted to living with four senior cats. The babies are another story, but so far there have been no serious confrontations with the seniors. A good time is had by all!

Weekly Winner, Week 5
Daily Winner, October 18

Posted on Oct 18, 06 05:22 PM | Comments (65)

Since I got blue contact lenses, I see better and look cuter!


Photo by: Brenda Logue, Austin, Texas

Weekly Winner, Week 4
Daily Winner, October 10

Posted on Oct 10, 06 04:51 PM | Comments (49)

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