A guinea pig eating my food? This is wrong on sooo many levels.

cat and guniea pig eating
Simba and Chester

Photo by: Linda Neering, Cedar Lake, Indiana

"Simba is a rare tri-colored male, very big and mellow. Our other cats are a little intimidated by his size, but he is a teddy bear. Here is Simba with our guinea pig, Chester, before Chester went to Heaven. (He died from natural causes, not from cat-fear).

We are committed to keeping our pets for better or for worse. I think it is good to teach children that pets are living things, and not to be discarded of like a toy. They fill a part of our lives that no body else can fill."

Posted on Apr 19, 07 04:56 PM | Comments (13)

I'm too cute to be someone's coat!

Charlie the chinchilla

Photo by: Emma Louie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted on Mar 21, 07 12:14 PM | Comments (10)

Ma'am, I've inspected your carpet, and I'm happy to declare it fully ferret friendly!

ferret under a rug

Photo by: Dora Lynn, Chicago, Illinois

Posted on Jan 23, 07 11:10 PM | Comments (1)

Wonderful blessings in small packages.


Photo by: Sylvia Russell, Florence, Alabama

Says Sylvia, "'Chipper' has been our pet pal for a year now! When he first appeared he was just a baby! We put out pecans and raisins for him so he decided to STAY! We have a garden house which he has tunneled under and has several entrances and exits...amazing! When he comes out to play we can approach him quite freely and talk to him! My husband has Alzheimers and is now dealing with cancer, too. It has been a great daily routine for him to take the nuts and raisins to his feeding spot. Chipper has been a great blessing!! He's just the cutest thing ever!! We love him!!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 16

Posted on Nov 16, 06 04:13 PM | Comments (8)

Helloooooo, ladies!


Photo by: Lena Gosik, Tampa, Florida

If you're noticing a few odd animals this week, you're right--we thought we'd share some of the offbeat critters people have been submitting. Like Sherlock here. And although we have no "clue" (ha ha) what Sherlock is (mouse? gerbil? Aunt Zelda's nightmare?) we do know he is adorable. So thanks Lena! And be sure to share your thoughts on Sherlock in the Comments section below!

Daily winner, November 13

Posted on Nov 13, 06 05:00 PM | Comments (12)

Happy Hallowee-guana!

iguana and pumpkin

Photo by: Nancy Becker, Bethesda, Maryland

Says Nancy, "This is Iggy's IgWitch picture. Iggy is 12 years old, is 5 feet long and weighs 14 pounds."

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 31

Posted on Oct 31, 06 04:27 PM | Comments (19)

It's tough having a roommate from another species, but the rent can't be beat!

cat and rabbit
Simba (kitten) and Zorro (rabbit)

Photo by: Rachel Crown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The kitten crawled in the cage by himself as the cage was opened for the rabbit to get his exercise!" says Rachel.

Daily Winner selection, October 19

Posted on Oct 19, 06 05:29 PM | Comments (6)

Maybe if I eskimo kiss him he'll turn into a prince!

rabbit and kermit the frog doll

Photo by: Janet Spencer, Helena, Montana

Says Janet, "Our pet bunny, Angel, a common cottontail, just has to investigate everything in her environment. Here she meets Kermit the Frog, and gives him a little kiss."

Daily Winner, October 2

Posted on Oct 2, 06 05:20 PM | Comments (12)

Dog? Cat? Ha! A ferret's where it's at!

ferret in blanket
Pooh Bear

Photo by: Becky Watson, New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Sadly, Pooh Bear is no longer with us, but he "was the love of our life," says Becky. "He was such a gentle little man. He was forever making us laugh, he stole our hearts and in the end he pretty much took it with him. He is sorely missed here, but we have since fostered a little guy named Willy. Here is my picture of Pooh. Please enjoy as he was about 1.5 years old in this shot."

Daily Winner, September 28th

Posted on Sep 28, 06 04:45 PM | Comments (25)

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