A golden glow...

golden retriever

Photo by: Joyce Hubler, Desert Hills, Arizona

"Wrangler came to me through Rescue A Golden of Arizona. Wrangler's owner had recently gotten married and his wife did not like dogs. The new wife was going to have Wrangler euthanized that day and the husband called Rescue begging us to take him. Wrangler came to me as a foster dog and I had no intention of adopting him. Within an hour he had stolen my heart and became my Best Friend. He is so smart and so willing to please. With just a few agility lessons under our belt, Wrangler received his AKC Agility Title. He is the best dog in the world."

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My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

black lab in sunglasses

Photo by: Clarice Butterworth, Toms River, New Jersey

Clarice writes: "When Maxine isn't playing the role of 'wealthy heiress', she's a Therapy Dog, who visits cancer patients at our local hospital every week. Maxine was rescued by the Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue in Pa., and adopted by me in 2002."

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I recommend tickling your prey before eviscerating them.

black and white kitten

Photo by: Joy Leftow, New York, New York

Joy took in Zena when she noticed a homeless woman showing her to people. Zena was "only about 10 days to 2 weeks old, kind of looked like a little mouse." After nursing her to health, Joy gave Zena to "a nice Brazilian lady...who had left her kitty back home in Brazil with her mother." Joy named her Zena "because she was certainly a survivor and a warrior."

Daily Winner, November 8

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The "star"-ling of the show

rainbow starling
Tyler Bird

Photo by: Douglas Lawrence, Pacific City, Oregon

Lately we've received a number of, errr, "unusual" pets--many with wonderful stories of survival, strength and love. For example, meet Tyler the rainbow starling.

Doug writes, "Tyler Bird fell out of its nest shortly after birth. He was nursed to health, and has survived to his present age of 3.5 years. Like some other bird species, he is capable of talking, and has acquired quite a vocabulary of words and sounds. Among his favorites is to mimic the sound of the telephone, and the theme song of the 60's "Andy Griffith" television show. This was a wild bird at birth, who was rescued, and has become very much the domesticated pet as any other. From time to time he is let out of his cage, and is allowed to fly about the house, with not the slightest desire to leave his situation. He dines on small dog food, and copious amounts of water. He lives with four dogs and five cats very pleasantly!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 2

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Trust me, if we smush our snouts close together like this, we'll get treats!

boston terrier puppies
Benjie and Lucky

Photo by: Regina Galvin, Windham, New Hampshire

Regina writes, "I adopted a Boston Terrier in May. A month after we had her, to our surprise, she gave birth to two puppies. They were full bred Boston Terriers also, as we knew who the male dog was. This is a picture of the pups. They were six weeks old at the time. Their names are Benjie and Lucky, a male and female."

Weekly Winner, Week 6
Week 6 Daily Winner, October 23

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Thank goodness for nine lives and kind souls!

cat cuddling with pillow and blanket

Photo by: Deb Usmanu, Cohoes, New York

This story brought a tear to at least one judge's eye! Shares Deb, "Thomasina is a true story of what love can do. She is an elderly kitty who was found this past winter by roadmen frozen in a puddle of water. She had no home and suffers from severe diabetes and neuropathy from long term neglect. The roadmen pretty much gave her up for dead, but with the dedication of the staff of the Guilderland Animal Hospital, they pulled her through. I have been fortunate enough to have her in my life. When I saw her picture at the animal hospital I had to ask about her. They said she needed a home and my heart melted after hearing her story. With love and affection she has kept our hearts a glow. She enjoys supervising her other rescued brother and two sisters and never has to worry again about not being able to have sweet dreams and love. "

What a wonderful story!

Honorable Mention, Week 6
Week 6 Daily Winner, October 20

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That warm water feels gooood. Hey - wait a minute!

three kittens in a sink
Mouse, Ziggy and Sophie

Photo by: Robin Wilson, Hawley, Pennsylvania

WHEN RACCOONS ATTACK! "Saint Robin" went to great lengths to rescues these sisters, now five months. Says Robin, "Their mom was rescued as she was giving birth to them and their two brothers, Jack and CB, from raccoons who were circling her. We brought her in, she had the kittens, and they have been in the house ever since. Mom has been spayed, judged healthy and has adapted to living with four senior cats. The babies are another story, but so far there have been no serious confrontations with the seniors. A good time is had by all!

Weekly Winner, Week 5
Daily Winner, October 18

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What? Kennel? Ha, you're real funny there, pal.

Rocky, Hurricane Katrina adoptee

Photo by: Katarina DiChiara, Lexington, Kentucky

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 10

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I’ll never be bitter with a friend from my litter.

two cats sleeping
Impy and Sparks

Photo by: Laura and Mark Robichek, Sunnyvale, California

This one is painfully cute--it's as if the boys can't get enough paws around each other. The Robicheks write, "Impy and Sparks were are brothers that we adopted from an animal shelter. They couldn't be happier!"

Daily Winner, October 9

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BFF: Best friends forever!

cat and dog sleeping on a couch
Portia and Jolly Rogers

Photo by: Brianna Ewert, Bradenton, Florida

Brianna writes, "This is a photo of two pets we adopted through rescue homes. Portia the American Bulldog takes care of, and tolerates Jolly Rogers’ surprise attacks. It is very common to find them resting together after a hard day of play. At this point we believe that Roger thinks he is a dog."

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 9

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