Four billy goats gruff--stealing the doghouse!

four goats
Four goat kids

Photo by: Clovis Patterson, Henderson, Texas

(Note the unlucky, homeless dog in the upper left corner.)

Posted on Jun 7, 07 05:26 PM | Comments (4)

Open wiiiiide.

tiger yawning

Photo by: Deborah Warrick, St. Augustine, Florida

"I own a wildlife sanctuary in North Florida, where I care for approximately 100 exotic animals, including tigers, lions, wolves, leopards, cougars and much more. Genesis is the tiger in the photo. He was my first tiger that I rescued in 1995; he's now 12 years old. My website is"

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I TOLD you Mom would punish us for trying to paint the barn!

longhorn calves
Pistolo Pietro ("Pete") and Quasar Star ("Q")

Photo by: Shary Russell, Lexington, Texas

Paw-purr-ee selection, December 7

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Shadow, shmadow--I'm not missing out on free carrots!


Photo by: Lee Hamilton, Glen Gardner, New Jersey

Lee writes, "This is Buddy the groundhog. He is 3 years old. He is my wildlife friend who comes to see me every day. He was an orphaned animal that I took care of and now he's my best pal."

Daily Winner, November 16

Posted on Nov 16, 06 06:41 PM | Comments (22)

Wonderful blessings in small packages.


Photo by: Sylvia Russell, Florence, Alabama

Says Sylvia, "'Chipper' has been our pet pal for a year now! When he first appeared he was just a baby! We put out pecans and raisins for him so he decided to STAY! We have a garden house which he has tunneled under and has several entrances and exits...amazing! When he comes out to play we can approach him quite freely and talk to him! My husband has Alzheimers and is now dealing with cancer, too. It has been a great daily routine for him to take the nuts and raisins to his feeding spot. Chipper has been a great blessing!! He's just the cutest thing ever!! We love him!!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 16

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OK, the picture is a little dark...

dog and raccoon
Buckley and Rocky

Photo by: Bolivar Repair Shop, Bolivar, Tennessee

...but raccoons are nocturnal, right?

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 15

Posted on Nov 15, 06 01:42 PM | Comments (10)

Helloooooo, ladies!


Photo by: Lena Gosik, Tampa, Florida

If you're noticing a few odd animals this week, you're right--we thought we'd share some of the offbeat critters people have been submitting. Like Sherlock here. And although we have no "clue" (ha ha) what Sherlock is (mouse? gerbil? Aunt Zelda's nightmare?) we do know he is adorable. So thanks Lena! And be sure to share your thoughts on Sherlock in the Comments section below!

Daily winner, November 13

Posted on Nov 13, 06 05:00 PM | Comments (12)

Cool! My own private birdbath!

Bobby the pigeon

Photo by: Dianne Smith, Bonner Springs, Kansas

Says Bobby (via Dianne translating), "I moved in and love it. I go out and come in. I am a clean bird. They named me Bobby, because they were not sure if I was a girl or boy. But I'm a girl!" Dianne adds that Bobby is "one smart bird!"

As always, we love to see your captions too--add them to the "Comments" section below!

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 13

Posted on Nov 13, 06 01:26 PM | Comments (7)

You Write the Caption!

pot bellied pig

Photo by: Sue Carper, Coulters, Pennsylvania

Meet Harley, smiling for the camera--"he's such a 'ham'!" says Sue. (Insert rimshot here.)

You all sent such funny suggestions for captions last week, we thought we'd try it again. So go ahead--give it your best shot in the "Comments" section below!

Weekly Winner, Week 9
Daily Winner, November 10

Posted on Nov 10, 06 05:02 PM | Comments (219)

The "star"-ling of the show

rainbow starling
Tyler Bird

Photo by: Douglas Lawrence, Pacific City, Oregon

Lately we've received a number of, errr, "unusual" pets--many with wonderful stories of survival, strength and love. For example, meet Tyler the rainbow starling.

Doug writes, "Tyler Bird fell out of its nest shortly after birth. He was nursed to health, and has survived to his present age of 3.5 years. Like some other bird species, he is capable of talking, and has acquired quite a vocabulary of words and sounds. Among his favorites is to mimic the sound of the telephone, and the theme song of the 60's "Andy Griffith" television show. This was a wild bird at birth, who was rescued, and has become very much the domesticated pet as any other. From time to time he is let out of his cage, and is allowed to fly about the house, with not the slightest desire to leave his situation. He dines on small dog food, and copious amounts of water. He lives with four dogs and five cats very pleasantly!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 2

Posted on Nov 2, 06 01:53 PM | Comments (21)

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