OK, don't tell the dog, but you're too pretty for me to eat you.

cat watching a butterfly

Photo by: Betty Bass, Slidell, Louisiana

Posted on Jan 26, 07 05:23 PM | Comments (4)

Ha. Only a cat would climb into an appliance.

dog on dishwasher door

Photo by: Cindy Beck, Spokane, Washington

Our 4 month old Golden Retriever, Lucy, climbed up on the dishwasher door when I turned my back for one second. She seemed to like where she was at and did not want to get down (waiting for an extra crumb, probably).

Posted on Jan 25, 07 05:31 PM | Comments (22)

Please...I'm trying to get my beauty sleep!

cat sleeping

Photo by: Jean Malone, Glendora, California

Posted on Jan 25, 07 09:11 AM | Comments (3)

I can't drive 55!

dog in car

Photo by: Betty VanZelderen, Carroll, Iowa

Posted on Jan 24, 07 09:48 AM | Comments (9)

Cat and mouse

white-haired puppy

Photo by: Judi Masters, Ft. Myers, Florida

Judi writes: "My cat's name is "BAIT" Now you probably wonder why name a cat like that. My husband and I live onboard our boat. I wanted a cat and he did not. So when I was actively begging for the cat at the animal shelter in Key Largo Florida, I told him if he let me take her home he could name her. So he bit and said if she doesn't behave onboard she will be bait. He also decided that "BAIT" would be a great choice for a name. There you have it. But, you may also be interested to know that he will never admit that he likes cats. In fact he professes to hate them. But guess who worries most when she can't be found. Cats have a way of endearing themselves to those who don't really want them. He cuddles, talks with, and loves that cat.

Posted on Jan 23, 07 08:43 AM | Comments (6)

You Write the Caption!

puppies in snow
Magic and Molly

Photo by: Becky Rowan, Redford, Michigan

Becky writes: "Magic and Molly, our two shih tzu's, are looking forward to winter, their favorite season. They love romping around in the snow, although they don't particularly like getting their coats on."

Posted on Jan 19, 07 09:28 AM | Comments (45)

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