Someday, I'll make a break for it!


Photo by: Larry Smith, Enterprise, Oregon

Posted on Mar 20, 07 02:40 PM | Comments (2)

Knock-knock...who's there?

horse at screen door

Photo by: Anne Jeanblanc, Elizabeth, Illinois

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 4

Posted on Oct 4, 06 11:47 AM | Comments (10)

Pssst, Mom? I love you!

colt and mare

Bettie and Barney

Photo by: Helen Trimble, Rising Sun, Maryland

When he's not with Mom, Barney also has the Trimble family's other "pets"--Harry the squirrel, Crickey the frog, Lab mixes Daisy and Spanky, Chip the calf and Buffy the pomeranian--to play with.

Daily Winner on September 19th.

Posted on Sep 19, 06 04:59 PM | Comments (12)

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