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kitten stretching paw

Photo by: Penny Reese, Las Vegas, Nevada

After 13 weeks of beautiful, funny, strange, silly and heartwarming pet photos, our little contest is about to draw to a close. But although we are no longer accepting submissions, we still need your input! We'll be announcing our final Weekly Winner and the Grand Prize Winner next Wednesday, December 20. We'll be posting polls soon, but in the meantime visit all your favorites and comment, comment comment!

And we have great news--although the contest is over, we've decided to make pet photos a permanent addition to So after we all ring in the New Year, we'll also be posting new pet photos--so stay tuned! Thanks so much for a wonderful contest--and good luck to all the finalists!

Daily Winner, December 14

Posted on Dec 14, 06 05:27 PM | Comments (6)

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Slobber...!

Bulldog and four Maltese in holiday costumes
Jack Pratte the Bulldog and his Maltese cousins

Photo by: Patsy Pratte, Desloge, Missouri

Honorable Mention, Week 13
Daily Winner, December 13

Posted on Dec 13, 06 06:47 PM | Comments (36)

Meowy Christmas!

cat in Santa hat

Photo by: Bob Garas, Clermont, Florida

Weekly Winner, Week 13
Daily Winner, December 12

Posted on Dec 12, 06 09:15 PM | Comments (46)

Why should only my name be in lights?

dog tangled in Christmas lights

Photo by: Debbie and Jerry Carroll, Bristol, Virginia

Debbie writes, "This is our 9-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, Rocky. He is a good sport, even about decorating for Christmas!"

Daily Winner, December 11

Posted on Dec 11, 06 10:17 PM | Comments (18)

You Write The Caption!

dog with lipstick tube

Photo by: Ann Robertson, Dallas, Texas

We're back! Due to polling software issues, we decided to hold off on posting Friday's winner to give you more time to vote. Now, tell us what you think about Scampi's "makeover" by clicking the "Comments" link below!

Daily Winner, December 8

Posted on Dec 11, 06 12:36 PM | Comments (128)

Sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most.

cat and dog touching paws
Gracie and Timmy

Photo by: Becky, Lexington, Texas

Becky writes, "My kitty 'Timmy' has since passed away but he and Gracie were such pals--always playing. He was my 'lap cat' for 12 years. He’s in a better place now but he sure is missed."

Do you have fond memories of a beloved pet who has passed away? Tell us in the "Comments" section below.

Daily Winner, December 7

Posted on Dec 7, 06 05:38 PM | Comments (40)

We cloned ourselves--now we're waiting for the mothership to beam us up.

four dogs on beach
Skippy and Logan (front row), Sutton and Roman (back row)

Photo by: Chandra Pivo, Inglewood, California

Says Chandra, "These four have so much fun together--but who's who?" Roman, who can take a bow, has helped his owner Chandra who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Chandra trained Roman from a pup to help her with walking through crowds of people, up and down stairs, picking things up, and much more. Roman and Chandra also visit retirement centers and schools to give demonstrations on the importance of Service Dogs as well as giving everyone an amazing show when he performs all of his tricks.

Weekly Winner, Week 12
Daily Winner, December 6

Posted on Dec 6, 06 05:46 PM | Comments (38)

I woke up on the wrong side of the dog bed this morning!

sleepy chihuahua
Isabella Karamella Capriccio, aka "Izzy"

Photo by: Nancy Eileen Langworthy, Hudsonville, Michigan

Says Nancy, "Izzy is our adorable 7 month old Chihuhua...She enjoys dressing up and going bye-bye because she always gets lots of attention from people who see her and wonder what type of dog she is because she is cuter than the average Chihuahua!...She has an older brother Dexter who is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and weighs 10 times her weight, but that doesn't hold her back from playing chase with him in the yard. She also has 3 cat sisters who she loves to play with."

Daily Winner, December 5

Posted on Dec 5, 06 04:47 PM | Comments (17)

"Why I oughtta..."
"Nyah nyah nyah!"

bird and cat playing
"T" and Louie

Photo by: Kris Hughes, Hampton, Virginia

Daily winner, December 4

Posted on Dec 4, 06 04:57 PM | Comments (28)

You Write the Caption!

pug pup

Photo by: Mary Smith, Smithville, Tennessee

Says Mary, "His name is 'Sir Hoagan, Master of the Warriors.' Hoagan is fun loving, and quite a little clown. He's very healthy. He's just spoiled rotten!"

What do YOU think Master Hoagan is saying here? Let us know in the "Comments" section below!

Daily winner, December 1

Posted on Dec 1, 06 06:06 PM | Comments (78)

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