Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...

cat on buffalo head

Photo by: Virginia Putsch, Kansas City, Missouri

This is my cat Pucker! She is 3 years old and the vet promised me she would calm down after we had her fixed. (**giggles**) Well I came down to our recroom/office one morning and there she was hugging the buffalo mounted over our fireplace. Thank goodness I keep my camera handy because this cat is full of high jinks like this.

Posted on Oct 8, 07 04:12 PM | Comments (9)

Look deeply into my eyes.

cat with two different colored eyes

Photo by: Patty and Ronnie Hale, Columbus, Kansas

[This is] a picture of a kitten that was dropped at our farm along with a brother kitten. They were pretty poor when I found them around the house and took them to the barn to take a better look at them. Aqua is the one with the two totally different colored eyes and her brother we named Tuffie, they were both very neglected and flea bitten, but with a little flea soap and some ear and teeth cleaning, they are both doing great. Wanted to share the beautiful face of Aqua and her eyes.

Posted on Oct 8, 07 04:10 PM | Comments (13)

I'm a little teapot, short and furry!

kitten in teapot

Photo by: Cynthia Creighton, Oakland Park, Florida

Posted on Aug 8, 07 03:01 PM | Comments (32)

Sweet dreams of catnip and codfish

cat stretching

Photo by: Lynn Traber, Fresno, California

Posted on Jul 17, 07 05:09 PM | Comments (7)

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

cat stretching

Photo by: Debi Gariepy, Bothell, Washington

Posted on Jul 17, 07 05:09 PM | Comments (13)

Sure, he loves me now but wait til he sees what I left in his blanket.

two cats cuddling
Weezie and Thomas

Photo by: James Dean Martin, Stockton, California

Posted on Jul 2, 07 04:37 PM | Comments (1)

I'm not fluffy, I prefer "lustrous."

fat cat

Photo by: Gail Boomer, Ortonville, Michigan

Posted on Jun 28, 07 04:58 PM | Comments (6)

Can I come out now? I'll be good, I promise!

cat in the corner

Photo by: Dave Funk, Puyallup, Washington

Posted on Jun 27, 07 05:17 PM | Comments (3)

And after the massage, we simply must do something about those nails, dear!


Photo by: Ruth Hubert, Austin, Texas

"We both had a really hard day!"

Posted on Jun 21, 07 04:53 PM | Comments (4)

Cat, dog--who cares? A warm tummy is too good to pass up!

dog and kitten cuddling
Smudge and Jazzy

Photo by: Donna Flanders, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Here is a real cute photo of one of my new kittens, Smudge The Cat, nestled into his canine sister, Jazzy, for a nap."

Posted on Jun 6, 07 04:00 PM | Comments (6)

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