What duck? Er...I wasn't doing anything.

cockatiel and rubber duck

Photo by: Agnes Tablada, New Carollton, Maryland

"Sunny, my eight-year-old cockatiel likes to groom with his pals rubber duckie and porcelain swan. He could whistle the theme song of the 'Andy Griffith Show.'

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A spoonful of...finch makes the medicine go down.

baby finch
Baby Zebra Finch

Photo by: Gracemarie Stephens, Canton, Ohio

"This is a 3 day old Zebra Finch. It is one of 3 born on Memorial Day."

Posted on Jun 18, 07 03:48 PM | Comments (10)

Gimme some sugar!

bird giving owner a kiss

Photo by: Mary Jo Bafile, Hilo, Hawaii

"This is my love bird Kahealani. She'll be 1 year this month and I got her for a birthday gift last July 17th. I've taught her to talk, and she does a lot of it. She says about 8 sentences, she loves to play, and she is very sweet and affectionate. She adores the camera and she's my top model."

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No, I said press X then O twice for the slam dunk!

parakeet on a joystick

Photo by: Teresa Fomby Trotwood, Ohio

Posted on Apr 2, 07 01:35 PM | Comments (9)

One word. "Birdweiser."

cockatoo with beer can

Photo by: Andi LaVigne, Colfax, California

Pearl loves empty aluminum cans. She is not at all interested in what's inside (beer or soda) and won't drink it, she just love to grab an empty can and bang it on whatever she can find. Apparently she loves the noise it makes--we don't !

Posted on Mar 5, 07 02:35 PM | Comments (4)

"Why I oughtta..."
"Nyah nyah nyah!"

bird and cat playing
"T" and Louie

Photo by: Kris Hughes, Hampton, Virginia

Daily winner, December 4

Posted on Dec 4, 06 04:57 PM | Comments (28)

Our families will eventually accept that we've married outside our faith.


Photo by: Linda Hartmann, Coppell, Texas

Linda says, "This photo is of my African Grey parrot. His name is RedDog but he thinks his name is "baby," or "sweetie" or "cutie-pie." He loves to sing and is especially addicted to hard rock, although he also loves the Village People and "Macho Man" (but that is our little secret). He is almost 12 years old and I raised him right out of the egg (because I owned his parents at the time). When he wants attention he starts singing 'I love you' in a very operatic voice."

PS - Thanks, Linda, for the great caption! Less thinking for us after four days of turkey and football.

Daily Winner, November 27

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Clearly someone was bottle-fed.


Photo by: Jane Korbett, Dover, New Jersey

Sebastian, a baby Lesser Jardine is "the cutest baby" says Jane.

Daily winner, November 14

Posted on Nov 14, 06 05:42 PM | Comments (5)

Cool! My own private birdbath!

Bobby the pigeon

Photo by: Dianne Smith, Bonner Springs, Kansas

Says Bobby (via Dianne translating), "I moved in and love it. I go out and come in. I am a clean bird. They named me Bobby, because they were not sure if I was a girl or boy. But I'm a girl!" Dianne adds that Bobby is "one smart bird!"

As always, we love to see your captions too--add them to the "Comments" section below!

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 13

Posted on Nov 13, 06 01:26 PM | Comments (7)

Patriotic pet!

blue and white budgie
Stormy the Patriot

Photo by: Christine Montgomery, Midland, Texas

Stormy informs us that although his "pet human" Christine had him for several years prior, a few days after September 11, 2001, she noticed that Stormy was naturally red, white, and blue. "...Mostly white, with a turquoise blue stripe around my body. Being albino, I also had red eyes. Hence, I asked her to add "The Patriot" to my name. I am very proud and honored to have the name, Stormy the Patriot!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 7

Posted on Nov 7, 06 04:44 PM | Comments (14)

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