That's hilarious! Tell me another one!

dog smiling

Photo by: Bobbie Michelle Chadwick, Cedar Creek, Texas

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Alternate Caption for Foxy: "Tell me another one of those lousy jokes and I'll bite your leg off!"

I hate Monday's

I had one exactly like this ,whose name was Foxy and our last name was Fox , thought he fit the family!! Thanks for sharing the picture.What a sweetie.

Very funny! It's incredible the number of dogs that look like humans and are able to do human activities! There is another one that SINGS followed by an harmonica:

Oh, my gosh, that's adorable.

That is so cute! I have a little foxy pom too an orange one she weighs in at 5.5 pounds, and is our little sweetie! poms are great pets and very intelligent too!

I have one just like it. There is a link on my website with his picture.

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