I'm scared! Can I come sleep in your bed?

two pups in one dog bed
Beatrice and Bonnie

Photo by: Carol Smasal, Yonkers, New York

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They are so cute and I always love Puggies.

I'm looking for a maltipoo or a yorkie poo or a small poo. Help? Thanks!

So cute! This picture made me feel better!

they are so adorable i love the title

so cute its totally aswom

so cute its totally aswom

where do I find a forum to ask questions about dogs

Your little poodle(?) looks exactly like mine. She is a poodle/maltese mix. She was aprcoit until the first time I had her groomed and when I picked her up from being groomed she was all white with the aprciote ears. Cutest dog I have ever had.

You have two cute babies. Are they spoiled? LOL

Looks like Bonnie is somewhat of a "bed hog"! LOL That is such a precious picture!

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