You tawkin' to me?

angry schipperke

Photo by: Edward Pilawski, Cohoes, NY

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tooo cute!

I guess you know whose boss !!

Darcy it sure is a cute puppy.

I had a dog looked like it and it's name was Mr. Bang .

Wow! We have two schips and I was just planning to post a picture of our puppy. He has a tail....

We had 2 schipperkes. Charlie for 10 years and Frankie for 16 years. They're the best. !!!!

Frankie had a tail.

What a striking pose. Lovely dog.

This pose reminds me of our Shadow Sheba when she was "sitting pretty". We miss her so much, but she had a full and long life of 20 years.

You wnat to konw waht's in my mtouh?

Waht mkaes you thnik tehre is sometihng in my mtouh?

Is it my imapired sepach?

We love SCHIPPERKE'S, Raven is so cute. We've had 2. Teddy at present, he's such a kick, so smart.

i have one schipperke also.i would like to get another, any donations?

Love the Schipperkee breed! They are very intelligent! Our Abby is now 12! Talk about a sweet dog!

Gosh, I thought I was looking at my own schip! We have two and I'll post pictures.

Raven is a cutie! I have two Schips also.
Lilly is my girl and Coal my boy. They are such an awesome breed. Yes they are definitly very smart.

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