Oh with a filet you’ll want a merlot, although one can never go wrong with a nice cabernet sauvignon…

dog in hawaiian shirt

Photo by: Christa Henderson, Media, Pennsylvania

"Princess is seven years old, and this photo was taken recently this summer on my patio. Given all that one hears about the value of moderately drinking red wine, Princess is quite the hostess as you can see and enjoys her R and R time on the loveseat overlooking the backyard."

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Beautiful dog. I love the whites myself!

I dearly LOVED my American Eskimo "Shasa". This photo however reminds me more of her daughter "Matilda". I couldn't try to replace them - so I've taken up Cats! They are interesting and loving animals too - BUT boy, do I miss my Sasha!

I am more into cats, but I have to say this baby is so precious and such a pure white color.

What a beautiful eskie! Greetings to you from Minnesota.

Kathy (and Clive, the eskie)

Don't you just love the Eskies!! Mine is 13 and just as active as ever!!! Their espressions are priceless!!

I have a beautiful eskie myself. Quinn is a regal lady also, and at 13, she remains active and vibrant as long as we keep her diabetes under control! Gotta love those white fluff-butts!

The timing of this picture was great. I saw it when I got back from the every 2nd Thursday wine tasting at our botanical garden. They allow Dogs on that night and had jazz music. It was so nice to have a place so beautiful and relaxing to go with our dog. And yours is very would be so at home there.
A $2.00 donation goes to the SPCA.

Eskies rule..........as always....
Gooooooooooooo Eskies.

Beautiful Shot!! You should join us on the Yahoo Group "EskieShots"! There are 223 of us who LOVE our Eskies, and LOVE to take pics of them! Here's the link - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eskieshots/
or, just do a google search of EskieShots!

Princess is beautiful as all Eskies are. Our Eskie, Kiki is going on 9 and still a puppy. We live in Florida which she loves, she is a true Floridian, anything under 75 degrees and she is cold!
We love her!

We have five Eskies and we love every one of them as children. They all have different personalities as children and are just as spoiled.

Princess is a beautiful dog. I had an American Eskimo years ago named Gingin but now have two Schips. My Schip girl reminds me so much of Gingin. These two breeds have a lot of similarties. If I did not have the Schips I would definitly have another Eskie.

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