Oh with a filet you’ll want a merlot, although one can never go wrong with a nice cabernet sauvignon…

dog in hawaiian shirt

Photo by: Christa Henderson, Media, Pennsylvania

"Princess is seven years old, and this photo was taken recently this summer on my patio. Given all that one hears about the value of moderately drinking red wine, Princess is quite the hostess as you can see and enjoys her R and R time on the loveseat overlooking the backyard."

Posted on Aug 28, 07 02:43 PM | Comments (12)

Bring on the hula girls. Whoo.

dog in hawaiian shirt

Photo by: Betty VanZelderen, Carroll, Iowa

"Bernie is 3 1/2 years old and very picky about his clothes. As you can tell he is not happy with his new tropical shirt."

Posted on Aug 22, 07 11:11 AM | Comments (14)

I'm only driving this til my Pom-tiac is out of the shop.

pomeranian in toy car
Tink the pomeranian

Photo by: Rick Siclari and Wendy Becker, Greenwich, Connecticut

Posted on Aug 16, 07 01:28 PM | Comments (14)

I'm a little teapot, short and furry!

kitten in teapot

Photo by: Cynthia Creighton, Oakland Park, Florida

Posted on Aug 8, 07 03:01 PM | Comments (32)

You must first answer our questions three before you pass!

3 dogs on a dock
Shelby, Spike and Ali

Photo by: Celeste Jackson, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Posted on Aug 1, 07 06:02 PM | Comments (15)

Everything's coming up yorkie-poo's? Really? Where?!?

dog in amish cart with flowers

Photo by: Tomie Sue Goulet, Dewey, Arizona

Posted on Aug 1, 07 06:02 PM | Comments (30)

You tawkin' to me?

angry schipperke

Photo by: Edward Pilawski, Cohoes, NY

Posted on Aug 1, 07 06:01 PM | Comments (14)

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