I'm only driving this til my Pom-tiac is out of the shop.

pomeranian in toy car
Tink the pomeranian

Photo by: Rick Siclari and Wendy Becker, Greenwich, Connecticut

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Darling! So cute!

she's beautiful, cute image, thanks for sharing
much aloha
malia io

I have Tink's Twin. His name is Scooter and he is wonderful and has the best personality.
He is so loving and gentle. Pom's are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I'm posing patiently like you asked, but do you have to run that darn fan in my face for effect too?

I agree that Poms are the best. I had one for 14 years. I lost him a few years ago......but I still miss him so badly. My Pom looked so much like Tink........they are so beautiful. PJ (Short for Prancing Jose') weight 2 3/4 lb......he was so adorable jut like Tink......Great picture! Adorable dog.

Very, very cute pic! Reminds me of my late little
PoM, who passed on to Doggy Heaven over 10 years ago.

Pretty...I have Samson who is nine. He poses at the sight of somebody with a camera. His vet says his cough is due to a collapsing trachea. Anybody know about this condition?

Ooh, i get it! Pom-tiac Pontiac! Cat-illac Catillac! Whatever, TINK IS A SWEEETIE!

Collapsing trachea! He might not make this one. Poor thing...

i've always wanted a dog like that

i've always wanted a dog like that

I have a Cream Pom named Snuggles he is the most loving gentle pet I adore him and cherish my years with him he is 4. Your dog is precious I am POM fanatic!

Lovely dog very cuddely and what a great dog bed.

It looks like this cat is driving the car. With men behind the wheel we have so many accidents. If we have dogs and cats behind the wheel, god knows how many more accidents can occur
pet supplies

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