I'm a little teapot, short and furry!

kitten in teapot

Photo by: Cynthia Creighton, Oakland Park, Florida

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I love cats/kittens and this photo is darling! The color of the background just makes the calico colors so vibrante! I can almost hear her purr!

Did you live in New Orleans on Galvez St?

Sooo cute!!!! You need to have it printed on note cards.

this is just beautiful, as a photographer i just have to tell you i think it would be a wonderful poster.
thanks for sharing with us.
malia io
"Images by Malia Io"

OK, I'm posing patiently like you asked me to. Now can I please have towel to wipe off my wet butt?

Scottish Fold kitties are so cute!! That's why they have folded ears.

what does she look like now? she is gorgeous.

The cutest photo I've seen in a LONG time. You need to send this in to one of the major cat companies. Your Lily will be a star!

The kitten is adorable, I noticed the name Audrey, I don't meedt many Audrey's.

That is by far the cutest picture that I have ever seen.Anne is right, you need to send this photo to the major cat places.

I am back cause I wanted to ask you if I could use that picture on some of my web sites which are all pet orintated. If you wouldn't mind, my email address is magaretelmendorf@bellsouth.net
If not, I really understand.
Margie Elmendorf

i thought that I was dreaming, this is the cutest little one i have ever seen and it is just begging for some little trouble there...Look at its eyes, mom stop it, orrrrr......congratulations she is the cutest little thing that i have ever seen.....i wish she was mine, as wll....thanks for letting me enjoy this little photo.....

She is darling, now I want a clone of her...

I love that! I have that same tea pot! Wish I had a clone of her!

Lily is absolutely adorable!!!!!!! Very pretty coloring.

What a Beautiful Picture!...It almost doesn't look real. That picture could be on a calender. Absolutely Precious Little Lily!

How sweet and cute she is!! Everybody that sees this picture thinks so. Hope you have many long years of joy with her. I have a pretty calico and her name is Kizzie, 12 years old and I have to give her 2 shots every day for her diabeties. I dont know how much longer she will live so every day is special. God Bless animal lovers.

I was sitting at work, flipping through the AARP website, (I work for AARP) and it was about an hour before my shift ended. I came to this picture, I'm sure of by fate! It made my soul breath. Thank you!

This is a great blog! I have 8 cats of my own and love to read about others. I will be back here often. I have a blog too about cats if you want to see it go here http://cat-behavior-help.blogspot.com

Ah she is so cute but she doesn't look very happy standing there. I do love cats and the flowers behind her are such a nice touch.

i love this baby just so cute i want to kiss my conputer

Darling!!!!! Are you orginally from Crafton, PA?

Cute Kitty! Whoever owns it should be proud

What a beautiful picture. Actually i like the kittens very much. This photo of Lily is lovely. Cute Lily. It looks more pretty with the blue flowers.

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That cat is way cute.

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