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3 dogs on a dock
Shelby, Spike and Ali

Photo by: Celeste Jackson, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Beautiful doggies.

Beautiful doggies.

just wonderful!
malia io

They are absolutely gorgeous

This is a killer shot. You should have this one framed.

Doggie Lineup. The tan one! It was definitely him. He stole my wallet.

love the picture and the Monty Python reference fits perfectly!

Note the regal intelligence in their faces! These dogs are truly special!

Should have named this one:
Simon says. Oops, Cocker you're out.

I loved looking at the beautiful dogs. I have always had black labs and shelby is a beauty what gorgeous animals .. Where was Shelby from?

Your Cocker Spanial is really pretty. I have one with those exact same markings. I have no kids so he is kinda my smile when im sad, my happy when im mad, my energy when im not willing to get out of bed, and my pain reliever when its trobing in my head. He's such a sweet dog and I think everyone should own a pet. My dog name is Saxton and he is 2 years old (human years). Celeste u have beautiful animals and very picture prefect.

LMAO! Really cute picture. Ali looks just like someone I know!

what great looking dogs, i love the brown one on the end

I love those doggies! Sooooooo cute! Nice caption, too!

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