Everything's coming up yorkie-poo's? Really? Where?!?

dog in amish cart with flowers

Photo by: Tomie Sue Goulet, Dewey, Arizona

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Your dog is precious! God bless him. Great picture.

this really diminishes my resolve to keep it simple


that dog is just a cutie i wish i had one lyke that

The flowers are real and the dog is fake. No, no, the dog is real and the flowers are fake. No wait a minute, the flowers are real, the dog is real, and the carriage is fake.

Your little baby is just so precious...!!

The dog is darling. It looks like a Bichon Frise
How old it it?

had a white poodle, had to print this adorable picture

That could be on a greeting card. awww.

your dog is adorable.

That is the most adorable dog I have seen in a long time. Is that a real breed - Yorkiepoo??Would love to have one.

"Annie" is indeed real, as well as the flowers and the Amish wagon. Her father was a miniature white poodle and her mother was a gray Yorkiepoo. She is one-year-old and weighs all of 7 pounds. She is a blessing from God and fills our home with joy! We bought her in Prescott Valley, Arizona from a private home and named her Annie because she was our 40th Anniversary gift to ourselves. She gets a bath every week to keep her clean.
Thanks for your lovely and colorful comments! <><

We know that dog and she is adorable.
So glad to see her pictures with the
flowers in their backyard.

I had the pleasure to 'babysit' Annie for a few days in my home. She is indeed adorable! Both Chico,my Yorkie Terrier and I miss her a lot.

Buds ---she is really cute--got a kick out of pic

hey we love annie !!!! hope to see you and her very soon!!!!
love ya

That is the cutest dog I have ever seen. Can I have him? Your old friend from work, Donna

He's the cutest little dog, we've seen adds in our loca paper for yokiepoo's & always wondered what they looked like, knew they'd be cuties as who can resist the face of a yorkie & we've had 6 poodle's in our 40yrs of marriage and would like our next to be a yorkiepoo!
give your's a kiss from our 3 little angels.

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Ver cute pic of Annie.

Kind regards,



That is the cutest yorkie I have ever seen!...That picture is so precious!...Check out some other cute Yorkie Pics.


Tomie Sue,
Annie is the cutest little dog! I hope she's bringing you lots of happiness. You really should send this photo into some contests. I miss you.
Dr. Anne

I have a Yorkiepoo and a Bischon. The Yorkiepoo is the best dog I have ever seen with children. he is very very playful but not agressive. He never growls no matter what any of the kids are doing to him ( and they have done a lot).

Hi - I just RESCUED a beautiful Yorkiepoo that looks just like the one in this picture! If anyone is interested in a breed like this, always consider rescuing before purchasing one. My beautiful puppy was rescued from a puppy mill in AZ where they were going to sell all of the pups to a local pet store. Her mom died and many others died due to the horrible conditions at this puppy mill! Rescue, don't buy!

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