Bring on the hula girls. Whoo.

dog in hawaiian shirt

Photo by: Betty VanZelderen, Carroll, Iowa

"Bernie is 3 1/2 years old and very picky about his clothes. As you can tell he is not happy with his new tropical shirt."

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EVERYTIME i see that little guy, he just makes me SMILE from ear to ear! He's so
HANS ome :)
What?..he doesn't like his owner's choice of clothing or doesn't like clothes?

We know this! He loves Lemon M. pie!!

Bernie is a fashionista for sure! He would look cute no matter what he wears.

You are a cutie, Bernie, but I think you need to get a new stylist; you are much too sophisticated for that tacky shirt! ;-)

I am so lucky to have such a celebrity in my family. Congratulations to you all.

Where is your girlfriend in her Hula Skirt? All you need is the surf and cute!!!

Bernie you look cute, but you need to look more studly with a Harley t-shirt. Tell your owner.

He's a cutie-pie! I have a nine year old male Yorkie and he loves his shirt but hate his sunglasses and baseball cap!!

I love Lil Bernie! So Cute! ....and.. your fabric on the chair/sofa behind him is the same as mine! hehe

That might be the cutest dog I ever saw!

Bernie's soooo cute and looks just like my 3 1/2 year old Lovie.

Gorgeous pic of Bernie!

kind regards,


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