What duck? Er...I wasn't doing anything.

cockatiel and rubber duck

Photo by: Agnes Tablada, New Carollton, Maryland

"Sunny, my eight-year-old cockatiel likes to groom with his pals rubber duckie and porcelain swan. He could whistle the theme song of the 'Andy Griffith Show.'

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Oh what a sweet baby!!! I love tiels, they are so smart and so much fun, yet are the right size to handle safely. I raised them for a long, long time and recently, unfortunately through a separation from my spouse, I had to leave them all behind.....I miss them terribly. Take good care of this lovely baby.

Sunny is beautiful!

Don't look now, but Ernie is coming to get you for a bath.

We had a male cockatiel that loved the theme song to the Andy Griffith (Mayberry) show and after rescueing him about 8 years ago found a young man who loved cockatiels so we gave our Sparky to him with cages etc with the promise he would keep us informed of his well being but we have never heard from him since.
We have missed him a lot but thought we were giving him to a good home where he would have other birds to interact with and perhaps a better home. I hope we did not make a mistake because the lack of caring or keeping a promise to us causes me to have concern. We have been rescue dogs and cats for 30 years and worried that one day the cats would harm him. Sparky would sing the Andy Griffith song, call the dogs with his whistle, and say Pretty Bird when he wanted something. We pray that we did not make a mistake.

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