Ten hut! Sergeant Maggie reporting for duty, sir!

dog wearing boots

Photo by: Cecilia Bracamonte, Sacramento, California

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That is suppose to be cute??? Who picks these pics??????Must have been a slow week...

I think Maggie is cute!

PetPals Gallery/Comment is always a place of re-enforcement for those who may have a singular relationship with their Pal and want to share their feelings. I always enjoy the reciprocal attention expressed in word and picture...Stan Case's Poem to Littlebit and Gracie&Tim's invitation to 'Remember' our departeds moved me to comment. So the double negative comment Kris made about Maggie and the AARP people who have the difficult job of chosing a picture that will bring a collective smile from viewers surprised me. Perhaps just a 'bad fur day' or a few sour grapes for not having her picture chosen... which I'm sure AARP rectified. So I'm off to look for a "Photo by: Kris" and share a smile. Hopefully Kris shares smiles rather than smirks as she enjoys the AARP PetPal Gallery. I join Vic in sharing Cecilia's feelings for Sgt. Maggie-on-her-way-to-Major Pal.

My grandson would love to have Maggie

The shoes? Yeah the shoes are cool, but the duct tape holding them on is killing me!

Duck tape??? No, no no.....MRJS.. No way.
Her owner would never do that. That's the way the booties are made. They are more like socks than shoes. Maggie is my Son-in-law's dog and he adores her. He should treat me so good. ha ha...

I always love the pics....keep them coming!

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