Sweet dreams of catnip and codfish

cat stretching

Photo by: Lynn Traber, Fresno, California

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Now that is a relaxed cat!!

My Lance sleeps just like that. I don't think he knows he a "CAT" (said in a whisper)

This cat reminds me of our Sheba (passed away 18 mos ago) She was quite the character and in fact would flush the toilet if she wanted attention or she had just been reprimanded and would keep flushing the toilet until you told her no. Then she would meow like a little kitten although she weighed a whopping 18lbs. We sure do miss her.

I have a cat named Mimi who looks a lot like Max, and she loves to have her tummy rubbed, so I often see her in a similar pose. but I've never seen her sleep in that pose! What would we do without our furry friends!

My cat Ashley relaxes and sleeps like that, mostly on the floor or carpet. But do not try to touch her tummy. She will react and attack faster than you can move. One of her favorite places to relax is on the computer desk if you are busy, preferrably on the keyboard.

oh my goodness, what a beautiful (and relaxed) cat!!

I'm looking for a maltipoo or a yorkie poo or a small poo. Help? Reach me at cuffy1245@aol.com. Thanks!

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