Like, didn't you know? The 80s look is like so totally back!

dog with purple fur
Gaby Griffith

Photo by: Judy Garland, Hermosa Beach, California

"This is my dear Gaby Griffith getting ready for hair and makeup. She was helping my friend out for an LA fashion show, doing the run way like any pro! She's ready for her close up has her hair tipped in purple to match her cute Fashion (Peerless) T-shirt! She's a real pro, NEVER complains!"

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Go-o-o Gabby! She looks like she basks in your approval,Judy, and plans to increase the membership of the Red Hat Society and Erma Bombeck's People of the Purple Pledge. Like the Beautiful Jim Key that your neighbor, Mim Rivas, wrote about... they enjoy entertaining us. Tho Mim missed the typo/error of Jim's answer to the question about "boys and girls" appearing in the Bible. When will we see Gabby on Dogue's cover?

Please send the special offer for members of the RED HAT SOCIETY - I have misplaced the email about this & my membership expires in Aug. '08.

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