Ten hut! Sergeant Maggie reporting for duty, sir!

dog wearing boots

Photo by: Cecilia Bracamonte, Sacramento, California

Posted on Jul 27, 07 10:42 AM | Comments (9)

Yes, I can confirm that there definitely AIN'T no cure for the summertime blues.

cat stretching

Photo by: Deborah Cramer, Castle Hayne, North Carolina

Posted on Jul 17, 07 05:11 PM | Comments (7)

Sweet dreams of catnip and codfish

cat stretching

Photo by: Lynn Traber, Fresno, California

Posted on Jul 17, 07 05:09 PM | Comments (7)

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

cat stretching

Photo by: Debi Gariepy, Bothell, Washington

Posted on Jul 17, 07 05:09 PM | Comments (13)

Like, didn't you know? The 80s look is like so totally back!

dog with purple fur
Gaby Griffith

Photo by: Judy Garland, Hermosa Beach, California

"This is my dear Gaby Griffith getting ready for hair and makeup. She was helping my friend out for an LA fashion show, doing the run way like any pro! She's ready for her close up has her hair tipped in purple to match her cute Fashion (Peerless) T-shirt! She's a real pro, NEVER complains!"

Posted on Jul 11, 07 05:29 PM | Comments (2)

What duck? Er...I wasn't doing anything.

cockatiel and rubber duck

Photo by: Agnes Tablada, New Carollton, Maryland

"Sunny, my eight-year-old cockatiel likes to groom with his pals rubber duckie and porcelain swan. He could whistle the theme song of the 'Andy Griffith Show.'

Posted on Jul 11, 07 05:19 PM | Comments (4)

Mmmm, bluebonnets! (And this nose knows good smells!)

basset hound in field of bluebonnets

Photo by: Betty Brown, Greenville, Texas

Posted on Jul 5, 07 02:50 PM | Comments (8)

Happy Fourth from AARP Pet Pals!

two poodles dressed for 4th of July
Miss Priss and Baby

Photo by: Sandy Moore , Lynn Haven, Florida

Posted on Jul 3, 07 02:52 PM | Comments (1)

Congratulations! It's a bouncing baby...dachshund?

two dogs cuddling
Zeus and Sierra

Photo by: Liz Maxcy, Kempner, Texas

Posted on Jul 2, 07 04:49 PM | Comments (7)

Sure, he loves me now but wait til he sees what I left in his blanket.

two cats cuddling
Weezie and Thomas

Photo by: James Dean Martin, Stockton, California

Posted on Jul 2, 07 04:37 PM | Comments (1)

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