Congratulations! It's a bouncing baby...dachshund?

two dogs cuddling
Zeus and Sierra

Photo by: Liz Maxcy, Kempner, Texas

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No wonder the boxer has such a look of consternation on his face! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely adorable Liz. Dachshunds seem to make themselves at home no matter what the circumstances. Thank you for posting this great picture.

What great dogs. I love seeing Boxers, they are the best for me.

You want beleive this,I have a boxer and min-pin and your pic looks like my dogs!


thats so cute

Wow that is a cute little doxie.

I have a smooth haired black and tan doxie just like yours. Yours looks like a short haired?

If interested you can see my doxie at

My doxie is much much older however.

The boxer is cute too but the doxie is super super cute!

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