Cat, dog--who cares? A warm tummy is too good to pass up!

dog and kitten cuddling
Smudge and Jazzy

Photo by: Donna Flanders, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Here is a real cute photo of one of my new kittens, Smudge The Cat, nestled into his canine sister, Jazzy, for a nap."

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This is too cute. I love it.

What a great lesson in life. "Can't we all just get along".

I copied & emailed to friend. So cute.

How precious!!!! We could all want a friend like that!!!!

My cat is also named Smudge...she is part Siamese and looks a lot like your Smudge! Only my Smudge doesn't like dogs at all...I wish she did!

Love your photo! I grew up in Lawton, left in 1957. Went back in the late '90's and didn't recognize the downtown. What a change. Too bad they crowded the courthouse. My gramma and I used to sit on benches under the big trees and watch the world go by.

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