I'm not fluffy, I prefer "lustrous."

fat cat

Photo by: Gail Boomer, Ortonville, Michigan

Posted on Jun 28, 07 04:58 PM | Comments (6)

The bumper sticker says it all, babe.

dachshund in pickup truck

Photo by: Douglas Boice, Onset, Massachusetts

Posted on Jun 27, 07 05:17 PM | Comments (8)

Can I come out now? I'll be good, I promise!

cat in the corner

Photo by: Dave Funk, Puyallup, Washington

Posted on Jun 27, 07 05:17 PM | Comments (3)

Well hello there, nice to smell you!

dog sniffing a flower

Photo by: Bill Taylor, Fairborn, Ohio

"Fiona is our new French Bulldog puppy. She was owned by a WWII and Korean War Veteran who although he had a really crusty exterior, he dearly loved this little girl. She was out patrolling our garden one morning and found a newly opened tulip that she just stopped for a moment and smelled. I thought it was a really nice photo."

Posted on Jun 21, 07 05:00 PM | Comments (15)

Let's do 'Free Bird' next!

dogs playing the piano
Meisha and Saki

Photo by: Neva Gillum, Montgomery, Texas

Posted on Jun 21, 07 04:54 PM | Comments (4)

And after the massage, we simply must do something about those nails, dear!


Photo by: Ruth Hubert, Austin, Texas

"We both had a really hard day!"

Posted on Jun 21, 07 04:53 PM | Comments (4)

But Mom, I have a date tonight!

dog with plastic rollers stuck on ears

Photo by: Elaine Bettencourt, Baldwinsville, New York

"When I arrived home from an errand, my American Cocker Spaniel, Dillon, had gotten into my self-sticking rollers. It was really hysterical!"

Posted on Jun 18, 07 03:48 PM | Comments (6)

A spoonful of...finch makes the medicine go down.

baby finch
Baby Zebra Finch

Photo by: Gracemarie Stephens, Canton, Ohio

"This is a 3 day old Zebra Finch. It is one of 3 born on Memorial Day."

Posted on Jun 18, 07 03:48 PM | Comments (10)

You mean I have to follow all ten commandments? Oh boy.

dog 'reading' the Bible

Photo by: Christine Anderson, Ararat, North Carolina

Posted on Jun 12, 07 04:50 PM | Comments (7)

Four billy goats gruff--stealing the doghouse!

four goats
Four goat kids

Photo by: Clovis Patterson, Henderson, Texas

(Note the unlucky, homeless dog in the upper left corner.)

Posted on Jun 7, 07 05:26 PM | Comments (4)

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