Gimme some sugar!

bird giving owner a kiss

Photo by: Mary Jo Bafile, Hilo, Hawaii

"This is my love bird Kahealani. She'll be 1 year this month and I got her for a birthday gift last July 17th. I've taught her to talk, and she does a lot of it. She says about 8 sentences, she loves to play, and she is very sweet and affectionate. She adores the camera and she's my top model."

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She is still a ham


excuse me? can you explain your comment?
you obviiously don't have the guts to go any further than one word, you don't like birds? you don't like me? there's nothing wrong with my photo of the bird giiving kisses and if you think there is than you have a problem. my bird is bright, affectionate, funny, smart, and loving
so tell me "nameless" person what's sick
mary jo bafile

My daughter had a lovebird and he took showers under the kitchen faucet. Kiss him all you want! Pay no attention to NAMELESS."

I had a parakeet that gave kisses too. Your bird is great, so pretty. They are so amazing. So small and can do so much. I agree with Genie P.. Kisses are a must!!!

Pretty Pretty! I'd love to have one of these, but as I work at night and sleep in the day I've always worried that it would keep me awake. Nice picture.

I love the bird. I have been to Hawaii 5 times and there is so many wild birds that look like that.-Is this one of them? Ya"ll have so many beautiful brids there..
I will say that the person who said the picture was SICK may be just a little jelious?
Take care of the bird and give him or her a kiss from ME..

I bought my mom 85, a lovebird for her birthday and she loves it. How did you teach it to talk?
As for the person that said "SICK", ignore them as that is probably what they are. Either that, or just doesn't have any else to do in life.

i just wanted to write and say thank you for all the comments. last time i looked there were none, i'm amazed and delighted . i'm so glad to know i'm not alone with my kissing bird. they're amazing creatures. mine is telling me she wants out of her cage right now. thank you all again for your comments.
mary jo bafile and kahealanii

bobby, hi, just keep repeating the word you want the bird to say. keep it a short one or two sylable word. the same with a sentence. keep it to 3 or 4 words, re peat it over and over. the bird will surprise you one day and say the word or sentence, praise him or her and don't stop saying the word or sentence.
also talk to your bird, greet it when you come home. kahea picked up on it real quick and now she calls to me when i come home.

hi don, thanks, lovebirds aren't hawaiian, i think they come from south america. when i moved here i thought i'd see parrotts all over, but mainly you see mynah birds and they're great too, wonderful pets. i got my love bird for my birthday a year ago this month. she's great company

thomas, thanks for the note, if that's your lifestyle don't get the bird! you'll never get any sleep, these birds want and need attention and they demand it if they don't get it. so you get your sleep.
mary jo

to geni
thanks for the kind words.
mary jo

I had a senegal once about the same size,different color.I raised him from a baby and after having birds that I couldn't touch,some that bit,some that wouldn't talk,some that would pluck all their feathers out...he was wonderful...loved to cuddle...and did he talk..! whistle songs...He would answer your questions...come when called etc. Then one day he was stolen from my front porch...after having him for 6 yrs. I haven't had a bird since.

wow mandy, i'm so sorry! that sucks when someone does something like that.
kahea just started saying a new phrase. she says; go sleep now, kiss kiss, goodnight, love you, then off she flys to her bed. i love birds, and i love how the learn to talk

What a cutie!!

how can i teach my bird to talk??? I have one its only 2 months

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Nice pic cuz! How ya been?

Hey your bird is so nice but you take care grandma Im from American samoa.

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