But Mom, I have a date tonight!

dog with plastic rollers stuck on ears

Photo by: Elaine Bettencourt, Baldwinsville, New York

"When I arrived home from an errand, my American Cocker Spaniel, Dillon, had gotten into my self-sticking rollers. It was really hysterical!"

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well, if she has a date why don't use the rollers!
Thank you to sharing the picture!

We have a rescued cocker from a puppy mill who looks exactly like Dillon. Gretchen could be Dillon's twin sister! And gets in just as much trouble! haha.

So cute. Got to love Dillon. Looks like he is smiling.

What a cute picture - I would have been laughing so hard I don't think I could have held the camera steady long enough to take a picture :-) That is adorable!

A really great looking puppy! The theme is
right on the money. You got to love him,really.I
I'm still laughing, Lanie.

I think Dillon and Fisher (previous photo) should open a Day Spa doing hair, nails and massage. Too cute!

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