We finally have our barbershop dog-tet!

four chihuahuas

Photo by: Sharri Slater, McKinney, Texas

"We are all brothers. Our Mom went to pick up one of us to adopt but she came home with all of us. She didn't want to separate us. We have our own bedroom with a tile floor and our own beds, but we run around the house during the day."

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You have a wonderful heart to take on four, all at one time. My hat comes off to you. For being brothers they are all so different from each other, they are so cute.

How Wonderful. Made my day complete to see this.

You are and always will be blessed for loving and taking all of them. What a fantastic picture!

What a wonderful, loving and compassionate thing for you to do. God will surely bless you for taking care of His little creatures. Believe me, I would have done the same thing. I have eight little dogs and one loud-mouthed parrot. Bless you!!!!!

Awesome! They are too cute. You must really enjoy them.

I love this photo. I have three, two girls and a boy. The smallest female is the boss. Chis are wonderful dogs

"The four of us can handle anything, anytime, anywhere!"

So adorable, we have 4 rescue chi's as well, and love them all. I understand the tile floors and their own room with beds (same here)-- They do takeover the house and don't miss out on letting you know when someone comes to visit!! Great little doggies. Really fun and so cute.

Okay! So what are their names? We have 1. A girl. Her name is Bonita Mona Ramirez (Bonnie for short). Great pictures! I emailed it to my daughter. Bonnie looks almost like the one on the far right, but she is half min- pin and half min-chi. She is the love of our lives.

My favorite on this page! So precious you have the whole family!

1 little soul can make a life so happy and content, but 4 is a wonderful blessing. God bless you for your love for animals.

How did you get them pose for photo ?

Far right one has great smile.
so happy family !

I want one! They are so cute. I love em. Nice.

I actually have 5 Chihuahua's now as I adopted another whose owner died. Left to right is Sammy, Robbie, Mikey, and Jojo. Newbi is Nico and he's a black & white Applehead Chihuahua. I also have a very sweet girl Black Lab/Retriever I rescued from an unwanted litter at about 8 weeks old.. They are all fixed and on heartworm and flea meds. Boy, that takes a chunk of my money. With all my doggies, visitors are very surprized how clean I keep the house and doggie room. My house and yard is secured solely for my doggies to keep them safe, clean and out of harms way. No missing dogs here ever. I watch out for them like I would my children.

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