She told me either I shared the dog bed or I slept in the litter box. Oh well.

dog and cat sharing pet bed
Shadow and Pixie

Photo by: Lee Allaben, South Burlington, Vermont

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What sweet faces! Im sure they are a lot of fun!

Precious picture. Your cat looks just like a stray cat I adopted about 6 months ago. Do you know what kind he is? I'm think mine is part Minx (spelling)?.

Yes, I know that Cats' can be like that. They are the boss and if you don't like it TOO BAD!! Their place in the world is up front and first. If you don't like it they will tell you off. I also have a black Lab and she is so very tollerant of the cat. In fact I got the cat first and she taught the puppy how to drink out of the toilet. Speak of roll reversal..

I think that the picture is adorable. My daughter has a black lab and a choc. lab, and her cat sleeps between both of them and she is most definatley the boss.

I love to hear how cats and dogs get along. Too much. Very cute!

you know the old saying--You can call a dog and it will come to you! Call a cat and it will "take a message"!!

Oh wow, that is a sweet Labby pup there!! We love Labs at our house, and they sure are humble enough to obey a CAT!!

I love Pixie! Reminds me of our kitty...her name is Tabatha Twitchett (aka Tabby) and we rescued her from the shelter about 18 months ago. She is the most wonderful cat and Pixie looks as though she is, too! How cute!

Actually Pixie is a male. He walked into our place after having been abandoned, I believe. I assumed he was a she until I took him/her to the vet. I was told he had been neutered. Oh well, the name doesn't seem to bother him and shadow is careful not to make any snide remarks.

I love everything about dogs and more...If I could just wave my wand and have every dog have high quality of life, and unique comfort experiences with designer bling, I think the world would be a better place. Oh, and they all need a cozy place to least as cozy as the bed I sleep in myself!

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hi can you please contact me about your dog it look so much a like my dog i throught it was her mother can you email me on please

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