Say cheese.

dog smiling

Photo by: Marty Watson, Apopka, Florida

"Kelsey is an 8-pound, 11-year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is the sweetest little girl, very well behaved and very smart. She smiles at everybody and always brings a toy to the door when someone arrives."

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Better than a growl.

cuter than cute!!! lovely teeth!

Adorable pet, love the picture. That is so sweet to bring a toy when a guest comes.

What a cutie pie!! I'd be proud of this little girl also. And brings a toy to the door? Just how cute is that??

She is beautiful. Keep smiling!

Awwwww - what a sweetheart! My Maltese smiles too. Goes straight to your heart, doesn't it?

Brought a smile to my heart that an animal could be that happy!!!

ok, now this is great, she has a lot of class and looks like she'd make a great model.
malia, mom of kahealani the lovebird

Absolutely adorable!

She is soooo adorable and soooo sweet! ; )

omg so cute! :D

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