Leo watches his favorite soap, "Nine Lives to Live."

cat watching TV

Photo by: Delores Reagan, Tacoma, Washington

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I have to say, knowing the real, Leo can't be discribed with words

Leo is no doubt a marvelous very inteligent cat but my concern is that watching those daytime soaps will currupt his morals and it will effect his night life.

At least Leo isn't a couch potato. So cute!

Doesn't Leo need a spot on Nine Lives to Live. He is a natural born star!!!

Our cat loved to watch Tele-Tubbies. As soon as he heard the music, he'd run to the TV and just sit there and watch. Love your photo!!

I had a cat years ago that loved Popeye cartoons. He would watch until something caught his eye, then tried to catch it. Your Leo is beautiful!

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