She told me either I shared the dog bed or I slept in the litter box. Oh well.

dog and cat sharing pet bed
Shadow and Pixie

Photo by: Lee Allaben, South Burlington, Vermont

Posted on May 30, 07 05:58 PM | Comments (11)

Is it football season yet?

dog with football
Buddy, English Bulldog, 4 months

Photo by: Wendell R. Melton, Macon Georgia

Posted on May 29, 07 05:49 PM | Comments (5)

Say cheese.

dog smiling

Photo by: Marty Watson, Apopka, Florida

"Kelsey is an 8-pound, 11-year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is the sweetest little girl, very well behaved and very smart. She smiles at everybody and always brings a toy to the door when someone arrives."

Posted on May 24, 07 03:53 PM | Comments (11)

Leo watches his favorite soap, "Nine Lives to Live."

cat watching TV

Photo by: Delores Reagan, Tacoma, Washington

Posted on May 24, 07 03:52 PM | Comments (6)

Whiskers never went to bed without preparing for her sleepwalking habit.

cat in tennis shoes

Photo by: Dot Folz, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

"I've attached a pix of Whiskers taken one afternoon after I returned from a walk. She never even opened her eyes to see why she now had a pair of sneakers on her paws!"

Posted on May 21, 07 02:17 PM | Comments (5)

If you're looking for the piece with the Eiffel Tower, you probably don't want to know where it's stuck right now.

cat on jigsaw puzzle

Photo by: Nancy Lee, Toledo, Ohio

Posted on May 21, 07 02:12 PM | Comments (4)

We finally have our barbershop dog-tet!

four chihuahuas

Photo by: Sharri Slater, McKinney, Texas

"We are all brothers. Our Mom went to pick up one of us to adopt but she came home with all of us. She didn't want to separate us. We have our own bedroom with a tile floor and our own beds, but we run around the house during the day."

Posted on May 21, 07 02:10 PM | Comments (14)

Awww, turn that little pug frown upside down!

black pug
Sue Sue

Photo by: Kelley Lautzenheiser, Louisville, Kentucky

Posted on May 16, 07 05:05 PM | Comments (5)

Good thing I took those yoga classes!

cat in cat house

Photo by: JoAnn Lennon, Newton, Iowa

"Tuffy is a 2-year-old that came to us as a kitty from a country friend whose cat had a litter, and being the wonderful friend that I am...needless to say Tuffy lives up to his name. He has no fear and loves his brother, Depot (thus named after being found as a stray kitten at the Depot Restaurant in Grinnell, Iowa), who looks the same only with a larger head!"

Posted on May 15, 07 04:58 PM | Comments (2)

Yes dah-ling, loook into deez eyes and come sit next to me in my luuuv lair.

dog on couch

Photo by: Nancy Mundie, East Brunswick, NJ

"This is our 6-year old husky/shepherd mix, Mac, relaxing in the family room. He was adopted from a Southern New Jersey animal rescue group and we are so lucky to have him. He loves walks around the neighborhood and playing with his favorite friend and neighbor, Daisy."

Posted on May 9, 07 05:26 PM | Comments (2)

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