What, you've never seen a lactose intolerant cat before?

cat lying on block of fake cheese

Photo by: Leon Press, Hackensack, New Jersey

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Yayyyyyyyy, Smokey, you da big cheese now!!! You need to thank your Daddy Leon for loving you so much that he submit your picture. Meooow congrats from KayC and Jo-Jo!!!

I'm surprised you haven't yet spoke about the online pet dating service yet. The internet was made for this!


Wow! Smokey looks just like my Junior!
Junior however, weighs in at 17 lbs, with a 15 inch tail!

A beautiful kitty, indeed!

Your baby reminds me of my "TC" who passed away October 2005 & he was 14 years old. When I see this kitty it makes me want to go find another. "TC" was the coolest kitty I have ever owned and I am a Cat Lover! I'm sure you take care of such a precious kitty. God Bless!

Leon, Its Fern. How are you?

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