Open wiiiiide.

tiger yawning

Photo by: Deborah Warrick, St. Augustine, Florida

"I own a wildlife sanctuary in North Florida, where I care for approximately 100 exotic animals, including tigers, lions, wolves, leopards, cougars and much more. Genesis is the tiger in the photo. He was my first tiger that I rescued in 1995; he's now 12 years old. My website is"

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You are truely a wonderful person!

What a wonderful thing you are doing! It makes me heartsick to see the way many animals are treated. Exotic animals do not make good pets nor are they meant to be. I believe education is needed but also a sense of humanity needs to be instilled somehow in people towards these creatures. Thank you for caring and taking care of them.

How wonderful you are to care for all those Exotics, I have 1 Exotic (Bobcat) myself and I know it takes a very special person to care & own them....
You can see her on my website under "Beeps Page".....
Also "you have a great website".............

nice teeth!!


tigers are so awesome keep up the good work !!

tigers are so awesome keep up the good work !!

Deborah. You never cease to amaze me. What an amazing women you are. You are doing what what you set out to do and more. There's only one you.

Now thats some teeth! Would want to be a large Parrot or something edible.


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