A guinea pig eating my food? This is wrong on sooo many levels.

cat and guniea pig eating
Simba and Chester

Photo by: Linda Neering, Cedar Lake, Indiana

"Simba is a rare tri-colored male, very big and mellow. Our other cats are a little intimidated by his size, but he is a teddy bear. Here is Simba with our guinea pig, Chester, before Chester went to Heaven. (He died from natural causes, not from cat-fear).

We are committed to keeping our pets for better or for worse. I think it is good to teach children that pets are living things, and not to be discarded of like a toy. They fill a part of our lives that no body else can fill."

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Simba, what a beautiful guy! Sorry about Chester, I'm sure he had a great life with you

I highly agree with your philosophy on our little furry family members. Kudos for teaching this to children!


Very pretty boy "Simba"......

This is a very altruistic kitty. She is Beautiful!!! and it's nice that she likes company and is a good hostess.

Thank you for your stand on teaching kids about pets being living beings.

We taught our two kids and our 6 grandkids this, witht he help of our wonderful polydactyl (many-toed) cat, Footie. He would present himself each time the kids came over, and we would make sure little fingers did not poke his eyes. He withstood all the petting and loving that kids can give. Every grandchild respects animals and understands that, as living beings, they deserve to be treated very well.

So nice to see others who embrace our philosophy of pet respect.

...Amen sister :)

would love to know what type of cat simba is. he is very pretty.

would love to know what type of cat simba is. he is very pretty.

would love to know what type of cat simba is. he is very pretty.

I luv guinea pigs. Poor chester....

Keep your eye on that Ginny, the Cat will fight back!

Simba is a mixed breed. I had him neutered when 6 mos. old. We got him from an animal lover friend who had too many cats in her house. She has a good heart.
He is a long-haired calico, and I believe he has "rag-doll" blood in him as he has many of the rag-doll characteristics. Very big, mellow, and smart.
I know male calicos were rare. Is this considered a calico? If so, my Vet should have told me.! Any professioonal knowledge out there?

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