Boy, carrying this tongue around all day can sure be tiring!

dog with long tongue

Photo by: Maryann Alligood, Marlton, New Jersey

Posted on Apr 30, 07 05:46 PM | Comments (5)

What, you've never seen a lactose intolerant cat before?

cat lying on block of fake cheese

Photo by: Leon Press, Hackensack, New Jersey

Posted on Apr 27, 07 05:33 PM | Comments (5)

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. (Love me because I'm a Katrina rescue!)

white dog with pink bows on ears

Photo by: Shirley Jones, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"Our rescued Katrina baby (Mia Jones)."

Posted on Apr 26, 07 04:18 PM | Comments (31)

Can I interest you in a pedicure today?

terrier gnawing on chihuahua's claws
Rusty and Sophie

Photo by: Pam Peterson, Valley Center, Kansas

Posted on Apr 25, 07 05:27 PM | Comments (3)

I'm practicing to be a leopard.

spotted kitty

Photo by: Jeff Dodson, Concord, New Hampshire

Posted on Apr 23, 07 05:27 PM | Comments (15)

Fame! I'm gonna live forever!

dog by star on Hollwood Walk of Fame
Charlie a.k.a. "Pork n' Beans" (she's a girl)

Photo by: Ryan Kramer, Los Angeles, California

"Don't let this 3.5 pound Yorkie fool you, she's got what it takes to make it in Hollywood! Charlie loves hanging out at all the red carpet events and aspires to be just as famous as Lassie one day. Look for Charlie on the news stands soon!"

Posted on Apr 19, 07 04:58 PM | Comments (1)

Open wiiiiide.

tiger yawning

Photo by: Deborah Warrick, St. Augustine, Florida

"I own a wildlife sanctuary in North Florida, where I care for approximately 100 exotic animals, including tigers, lions, wolves, leopards, cougars and much more. Genesis is the tiger in the photo. He was my first tiger that I rescued in 1995; he's now 12 years old. My website is"

Posted on Apr 19, 07 04:57 PM | Comments (9)

Hurry, Mom, we're waiting!

chihuahuas in a baby stroller
Trinket, Milo, Chili, and Rosie

Photo by: Wendy Scharber, Mounds View, Minnesota

"Our long-hair chihuahuas were all from rescue shelters and came to us as adult dogs. We drove 9 hours one way to pick up Trinket and Milo from their foster home. They had been rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri Chili and Rosie came from Cincinnati, Ohio. We met their foster mom half-way on that trip, but it was still a 5 hour drive one way. On both trips the long car-ride gave us a chance to get to know and bond with our dogs. They are all wonderful little furballs and I would recommend pet adoption to anyone looking for an addition to their family."

Posted on Apr 19, 07 04:57 PM | Comments (4)

A guinea pig eating my food? This is wrong on sooo many levels.

cat and guniea pig eating
Simba and Chester

Photo by: Linda Neering, Cedar Lake, Indiana

"Simba is a rare tri-colored male, very big and mellow. Our other cats are a little intimidated by his size, but he is a teddy bear. Here is Simba with our guinea pig, Chester, before Chester went to Heaven. (He died from natural causes, not from cat-fear).

We are committed to keeping our pets for better or for worse. I think it is good to teach children that pets are living things, and not to be discarded of like a toy. They fill a part of our lives that no body else can fill."

Posted on Apr 19, 07 04:56 PM | Comments (13)

Really? You can't be serious! Catnip is addictive?

kitten with ball

Photo by: Debbie Hatt, Houston, Texas

"Nova was abandoned by her mom at 3 weeks, and my son hand fed her for 2 months. She is now a healthy kitty who likes to be held like a baby to sleep," says Debbie.

Posted on Apr 18, 07 06:48 PM | Comments (7)

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