I'm practicing to be a leopard.

spotted kitty

Photo by: Jeff Dodson, Concord, New Hampshire

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Beautiful Bengal

wish to see more action pictures she made, i believe she is wonderful cat very nice..

What a beauty!

This Cat is drop dead Gorgeous! I want one! :-)


I have never seen a more beautiful cat except for its wild ancesters.


"Venus is my name...and scratchin' is my game!"

Let me tell you that Bengals are fantastic. They are active, agile, beautiful and have personality plus. We just had to put our 13 year old Bengal to sleep due to intestinal cancer. He was the joy of our lives and will never forget him and his antics. He left behind 3 feline and 3 canine friends who still look for him around most corners. Rest in peace Pango.

Simply Beautiful

What a beautiful kitty.

I had a part-Bengal boy and he was the best cat ever! I miss him so. He used to sleep with his face next to mine and his arm around my neck. He was smart and learned tricks easily. I hope I can find another cat like him someday.

What an absolutely beautiful cat. I have 15 and love them all, they have me well trained. I have always wanted a Bengal but they are out of my price range.


he looks like a egyption mau! (very rare breed)

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