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chihuahuas in a baby stroller
Trinket, Milo, Chili, and Rosie

Photo by: Wendy Scharber, Mounds View, Minnesota

"Our long-hair chihuahuas were all from rescue shelters and came to us as adult dogs. We drove 9 hours one way to pick up Trinket and Milo from their foster home. They had been rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri Chili and Rosie came from Cincinnati, Ohio. We met their foster mom half-way on that trip, but it was still a 5 hour drive one way. On both trips the long car-ride gave us a chance to get to know and bond with our dogs. They are all wonderful little furballs and I would recommend pet adoption to anyone looking for an addition to their family."

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Your heart is full of love. These little "furballs" must provide a lot of happiness

I'm so very thankful for people like you who have the capacity to love our animals. You have given these little guys love and a good home, neither of which they had before. I'd like to see "puppy mills" and their owners vanish. I often thought that these so called "people" should be treated the same way they treat these animals. I'll never understand how some people got so calised in the treatment of living creatures.

They are so adorable. I too would love to see the puppy mills vanish. You have made a step forward for all of us by adopting these adult doggies.


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