Who needs couch cushions when you've got me?

cat on couch

Photo by: Dot Folz, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

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the stomach is the first to go.....need to exercise more.

What gorgeous markings! Looks like a yellow tabby wearing a single button black dinner jacket on top! lol Great cat.

Beautiful cat. My Calico does the same thing. Hot stuff.

Incredible markings!

Thanks to those who posted. Hannah died of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia a week before her pix went on the site. She was a beauty, and much too young to go. Casey her sister and I miss her dearly. Dot
P.S. I'm submitting Casey today.


When I need to laugh I can always find and chuckel sometimes an our and out laughter.
Thank ;you for this posting

Anyone seen my dress slacks?

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