Who needs couch cushions when you've got me?

cat on couch

Photo by: Dot Folz, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Posted on Mar 29, 07 01:22 PM | Comments (8)

I want a new dress, and a pony, and a laptop, and a...


Photo by: Jan Stamm, Sand Diego, California

Posted on Mar 28, 07 02:49 PM | Comments (4)

That snow way to treat a cat!


Our snow storm voyager, Pink, here is returning for a cup of hot chocolate. You can kind of tell he was a lover and not a fighter. You can't tell he's 14. (That's 98 to you and me!) He would actually hide in boot impressions and jump out at the other cats when they played in the snow.

Photo by: Don Frame, Vineland, New Jersey

Posted on Mar 28, 07 02:40 PM | Comments (3)

I'm practicing for my audition with a KISS tribute band.


He wants to "rock and roll all night, and party every day."

Photo by: Lori Leistman, Wantagh, New York

Posted on Mar 21, 07 12:18 PM | Comments (13)

I'm too cute to be someone's coat!

Charlie the chinchilla

Photo by: Emma Louie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted on Mar 21, 07 12:14 PM | Comments (10)

I didn't do it, Mom - honest!


Photo by: Joan Lancaster, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Posted on Mar 20, 07 02:53 PM | Comments (9)

We are not amused.


Photo by: Linda Bailes, Johnson City, Tennessee

Posted on Mar 20, 07 02:49 PM | Comments (4)

Someday, I'll make a break for it!


Photo by: Larry Smith, Enterprise, Oregon

Posted on Mar 20, 07 02:40 PM | Comments (2)

Read the sign! The Princess is napping.

cat on Disney blanket

Photo by: Darryl W. Boelling, Biddeford, Maine

"This is Ashley, the 'cat with attitude,' settling in for one of many of her daily naps on my granddaughter's bed. I'm sure she feels the pillow should read 'Queen' rather than Princess."

Posted on Mar 16, 07 03:37 PM | Comments (2)

You Write the Caption!

kitten in pink shirt

Photo by: Susan Bromen, Forest Lake, Minnesota

"This is Andy. Due to his near-death experience about a month ago after ingesting ice-melt with caustic chemicals in it, I now cover his feet with plastic, baby socks, whatever I can keep on him, before he goes out for his daily walks. He tolerates it, amazingly, and this photo was taken just before a walk."

What do you have to say about poor Andy? Tell us in the Comments section below!

Posted on Mar 13, 07 05:03 PM | Comments (47)

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