You're SO NOT coming into my clean kitchen after your nap!

cat sitting in plant pot

Photo by: Gladys & David Onsted, Sebring, Florida

"We live in Florida and when we brought plants and such inside due to impending hurricane this large topiary was brought in and Bailey decided she loved it. spent her days sleeping in the pot and then shedding dirt all over the house. She has her own blanket and lots of beds and furniture but the dirt in that pot was better for some reason."

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What a pretty girl.
Cats, know the best places to pick for a rest.

Bailey knows what is fun !
That's the purr-fect spot for a comfy nap !

You wouldn't happen to be THE David Onsted of WISM Radio, would you?



I've found that pets will seek a cool spot if it's a warm, or hot day. I assume you keep the plant watered, so the moist soil is more comfortable than a warm blanket. The animal's fur insulates against chilling the skin.

I was looking around today for our name on the web and found you. My husband is David Onsted from Onsted, MI any relation?

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