Oh, you think it's funny now but I will have my revenge. In your shoes.


Photo by: Dennis Olsen, Springfield, Missouri

"This is Cass, a nine-year-old Weimeraner. He is the smartest dog that I have had, and I have had quite a few. In this picture he is waiting for an OK. He will flip the marshmallow in the air and then catch it. He loves them."

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Cut myself shaving and all I could find was this little bitty marshmallow! Oh well...guess it worked!!


Had a weimar 12 yrs. died of cancer, then I rescued abandoned or abused Weimars, it just wasn't the same, Yours looks like my Montana. Their Humans with 4 legs aren't they? I miss him so. He would open the cabinate and steal a biscuit on Cue.

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