We dachshunds have to be creative to be taller!

dog standing on hind legs

Photo by: Sherry Monje, Venture, California

"Our 5 1/2 month old wirehaired dachshund Charlee not only loves playing in the garden but he also enjoys having his picture taken!"

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Posted on Feb 28, 07 12:38 PM | Comments (5)

I like my caffeine cold, with bubbles!

dog playing with soda bottle

Photo by: Joan Pierce, Richmond Virginia

Posted on Feb 26, 07 09:55 AM | Comments (5)

You're SO NOT coming into my clean kitchen after your nap!

cat sitting in plant pot

Photo by: Gladys & David Onsted, Sebring, Florida

"We live in Florida and when we brought plants and such inside due to impending hurricane this large topiary was brought in and Bailey decided she loved it. spent her days sleeping in the pot and then shedding dirt all over the house. She has her own blanket and lots of beds and furniture but the dirt in that pot was better for some reason."

Posted on Feb 26, 07 09:54 AM | Comments (5)

Every party needs a pooper...or two!

two dogs in party hats
Bocelli the black pug and Ravioli the Italian Greyhound

Photo by: Denny Chipollini, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

Posted on Feb 24, 07 12:09 PM | Comments (3)

Warm afghan, cool cats!

two grey tabby cats
Paris and Beijing

Photo by: Carla Podzius, Stony Brook, New York

Posted on Feb 24, 07 12:06 PM | Comments (8)

I can't go unless I have some privacy!

border collie standing on fire hydrant

Photo by: Rich Ruocco, Hixson, Tennessee

Posted on Feb 20, 07 06:45 PM | Comments (7)

Oh, you think it's funny now but I will have my revenge. In your shoes.


Photo by: Dennis Olsen, Springfield, Missouri

"This is Cass, a nine-year-old Weimeraner. He is the smartest dog that I have had, and I have had quite a few. In this picture he is waiting for an OK. He will flip the marshmallow in the air and then catch it. He loves them."

Posted on Feb 19, 07 05:04 PM | Comments (3)

Who wants a milk mustache when you can have a SNOW-stache!?!

yellow Lab in snow

Photo by: Cherrie Brunner, Central New York

Posted on Feb 19, 07 05:02 PM | Comments (4)

Yeah, she's cute and all but I'm tired of getting oats in the bed.

cat with stuffed horse

Photo by: Nancy Bickford, Lexington, Kentucky

Posted on Feb 19, 07 05:01 PM | Comments (3)

See Mom, I brushed my teeth and my tongue too!

yorkie sticking out pink tongue

Photo by: Greg Adkins, Matewan, West Virginia

Posted on Feb 19, 07 05:00 PM | Comments (4)

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