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puppies in snow
Magic and Molly

Photo by: Becky Rowan, Redford, Michigan

Becky writes: "Magic and Molly, our two shih tzu's, are looking forward to winter, their favorite season. They love romping around in the snow, although they don't particularly like getting their coats on."

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Are you sure we buried a bone back here?

Dah-ling, green is sooooo 2006!

It's so hard to make a snowball without hands!

Where's the cherry flavoring?

see I told you it was hard to stop in the snow

Wanta see Yellow snow ?

I thought we were going to Hawaii!

Hey it's really cold out here. This is Snow Fun !!!!!

Where's the cat???

Were the New M & M Darlings

No. We have not been eating the snow.

A dog could freeze his whiskers out here!

It's called keeping a stiff upper lip.

Let's make a run for it!

I promise Mom, we did not eat any yellow snow !!

Hey, did you smell er, see that snowdog someone built?

Is this really what they do with their wedding cake?

What happened to the "warm winter weather" we were having? I really don't like this white stuff!

Ahhhhh com'on Major,lets just go back inside, pleeeeaaaasssse.....

please let us in we will be good

Two snow cuties!!! They are adorable.

Do you think they'll notice Frosty's gone?

"Look, just ask for directions, ok? Snow was NOT mentioned in the brochure.

we can run faster than they can shoot... I think.

Frozen margaritas?? They forgot the tequila!!

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