Pssst! Guess what! Pet Pals photos are back!

dog and cat
Shayden and Marshmallow

Photo by: Billie Grable, Kirkland, Washington

Yes, folks, the photos are back! Although the contest has ended, response was so huge that we will be posting new pet photos daily! So visit the Pet Pals Gallery often to see more of our furry friends, or send in a photo of your own to

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Thanks so much for posting my picture! The cat's real name is Marshmallow -- but I nicknamed him 'Butt' because he was such a rascal when he was young. Butt died the day after Christmas ... he was 18 years old. This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful cat.
Thanks again!

Yes indeed, this picture is a wonderful tribute to Marshmallow! Wow, 18 years old, you must have taken very good care of him, I thank you for that. Being a cat lover I enjoy hearing of relationships between people and their companions. Thanks for the photo!!

Glad to have the pet picture back. Have been looking for news ones to show up!!! Thanks.

Take as good care of Haydenand he will also make 17 or 18 Years.
Our favorite Family pet Was Named Cinnamon but we all called her Cin. She lived until 17 years when the Vet would not let us take her home but with much regret( yes his too ) he put her "down". She inspected every Baby in the Family that came along until she died. Custom was to bring the baby and lay it on the flooe with a blanket So she could sniff it out. She loved even the roughest child, Damaged the yard worst than the moles she destroyed,Never had a fence and she never left the yard until her sixteenth year whwn she followed a child to the playground down the street.Family still miss her after all these 20 years..Now that is love between pets and people.
Bob Sr.

Wonderful Butt lived so long and it says a lot about you too. You took the best care of him and loved him a lot. My cats 8 and strictly an indoor cat and I hope she lives that long. I took her in at about 4 or 5 months old. Previous owners let her run the streets and she kept trying to get into my house, so I let her in. She has 2 dogs for playmates and they are so close. Hopefully you'll be able to see her, I just sent her picture in with my grandson.

What a clever and sweet picture. That shows so much closeness between the two. I love it.

happy to see the pet gallary again. It gives us all a smile in the office to check the daily submissions.

i have sent in 2 pictures on various days and have gotten an automatic email response that they were received but i have never seen them on here. one was sent on 2/9 and one on 2/12. this is very frustrating. someone please help!

Faye, dont feel alone in this. I have sent in 4 different pictures of my beloved cat in a 1 1/2 year span. He has since passed away, and has never once had his picture selected.

My kitty is14 this year. What a good life you gave to this beautiful animal. Both animals are too cute.

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