I can't drive 55!

dog in car

Photo by: Betty VanZelderen, Carroll, Iowa

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He has a teddy bear baby face. So cute,sweet and huggable looking.

I love Yorkies. He is adorable. He has the cutest face and I can tell he gets whatever he wants, just like my yorkie, Gabrielle.

He's a cutie pawtutie for sure. I have a male and female, "Fierce Brosnan" and "Halle Berries n Creme de la Creme". This breed is just born to be adored, don't you think, too?

He is the cutest Yorkie I have ever seen. How you must love him!

I want one!!!!!!!!

If I had a Yorkie like Bernie, I would definitly take him everywhere. He reminds me of a Ty pet, he's sooo cute and cuddly.

I think the reason he has such a Happy, sweet look on his face is becoz he KNOWS how adored he is by his Mommy and Daddy. He's really the absolute Handsomest, cutest, little dog I've ever seen!!!!! My next dog will be one like Bernie. He has this look on his face like, "I just got a piece of the BEST Lemon Meringue Pie EVER!!!!!!!!

short but sweet, so adorable

short but sweet, so adorable

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