Cat and mouse

white-haired puppy

Photo by: Judi Masters, Ft. Myers, Florida

Judi writes: "My cat's name is "BAIT" Now you probably wonder why name a cat like that. My husband and I live onboard our boat. I wanted a cat and he did not. So when I was actively begging for the cat at the animal shelter in Key Largo Florida, I told him if he let me take her home he could name her. So he bit and said if she doesn't behave onboard she will be bait. He also decided that "BAIT" would be a great choice for a name. There you have it. But, you may also be interested to know that he will never admit that he likes cats. In fact he professes to hate them. But guess who worries most when she can't be found. Cats have a way of endearing themselves to those who don't really want them. He cuddles, talks with, and loves that cat.

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I had a similar experience w/my husband. Our most precious cat had to be euthanized and I desperately wanted a pal for our remaining cat, Hershey, because he was becoming overly attached to me. At the shelter my husband kept insisting he wanted one of the cats that could not be separted from its mate in the cage and he forbade me to adopt the kitten with one eye. So, while the shelter volunteers distracted him, I bonded with one-eyed Sandy, who we renamed Snickers. I took a verbal beating all the way home but the end result was worth it. Snickers wormed her way into my husband's heart the minute she moved into our house. Guess whose cat she is now! She follows my husband everywhere & even goes to sleep in our bed when he goes upstairs to sleep. When he used to get home from work (he's retired now), Snickers was the first to greet him at the front door. Now he thanks me everyday for having the foresight to adopt such a precious little, pixie eye and all!

You can see that this cat is full of love. I don't think "BAIT" has any reason to worry about with your husband. She is beautiful. She looks like she wouldn't mind is the mouse were real. I bet she is smart enough to send and receive "E" mail.

I would love to see the looks on peoples faces when they see and hear your hubby standing on the boat calling, "here bait, here bait". I'm sure those folks are wondering why a man who doesn't even know that he has to buy or catch his fishing bait even owns a boat! LOL

And I can hear the stories around the camp fire now...."did I tell you the one about the guy who thinks if he calls his bait, it will just jump right in the boat?" ROTFL!

Great story! Thanks for sharing that. :)

What a sweet picture! What a precious cat! Thanks for sharing.

Your cat looks so much like our Jasmine.She was my 3 kids first pet. She was there when I was going through my divorce and even though she has never wanted to be held and loved on we all love her dearly. She is now 16 years old,thinner and frail and still very much a part of our family. Oh yes, and still hisses when we pick her up!
Just a thought-My son took his dog out on a boat and I just thought all dogs could swim. He put Lacy in the water and she sank like a led bullet.He had to save her. I laugh now but it wasn't funny at the time.DUH-Kay

Reminds me of my cat max. All my other cat lexie does is sneeze on the screen.

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